Pete's Gear

Pete prefers Gretsch drums, because he wants the best. On the West Coast, Pete plays his beloved 1983 Gretsch “Grand Prix” set.

Pete uses Zildjian A-series cymbals, and Remo drumheads. The Gretsch/Zildjian/Remo combination has suited Pete’s musical needs from the beginning, as it has for many of the world’s great drummers. Detailed below is the gear Pete uses in most situations, with variations depending on the gig or session.


  • 14 x 5″ Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 snare; Remo Ambassadors (coated top, clear snare bottom).
  • 12 x 8″ Gretsch rack tom; Remo Pinstripes (clear top), Remo Ambassadors (clear bottom).
  • 13 x 9″ Gretsch rack tom; Remo Pinstripes (clear top), Remo Ambassadors (clear bottom).
  • 16 x 16″ Gretsch floor tom; Remo Pinstripes (clear top), Remo Ambassadors (clear bottom).
  • 22 x 14″ Gretsch bass drum; Remo Powerstroke 3 batter head, Gretsch logo front head.

All drums listed above (except snare) are dated 1983 from the Gretsch factory then located in DeQueen, Arkansas, with natural maple gloss finish and the classic 6-ply “Jasper” shells of maple and gumwood. (The previous home of this very drumset was Criteria Studios in Miami, where it was used as an in-house kit on countless recording sessions.) The Supraphonic snare drum is dated 1966 from the original Ludwig factory in Chicago, with the chrome-plated aluminum shell.


  • 15” Zildjian A, New Beat Hi-Hats.
  • 17” Zildjian A, Medium Thin Crash (with Istanbul rivets).
  • 18” Zildjian A, Armand Thin Crash (with Istanbul rivets).
  • 20” Zildjian A, Medium Ride (with Istanbul rivets).


  • DW 9000 Series.


  • Vic Firth 5A Nylon Tip.